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Axess Film Factory

A story begins from a seed – a seed that is filled with passion, ambition and conviction. As an ardent production company, Axess Film Factory holds pride in identifying these seeds and help them bloom into mighty evergreens. We believe in creating platforms for compassionate storytellers and their compelling stories. Axess Film Factory began its journey in 2014 when our founder Dilli Babu wanted to come up with an innovative and creative space that gave hope for passionate directors, talented artists and extraordinary scripts. Our production house reflects the artistic visions of every filmmaker and stands for revolutionary stories that add colour to life. From brainstorming ideas to developing the end product which is the feature film, we rejoice in the entire creative process of filmmaking. Our objective is to always keep the viewers on the edge of their seats while delivering the best of what we’re capable of. A few of our notable films include ‘Oh My Kadavule’ (2020), ‘Raatchasan’ (2018), ‘Urumeen’ (2015) and a few other films that became creative milestones in the history of Tamil cinema. With innovative scripts that move the audience while stimulating an artistic wave, Axess Film Factory looks forward to being the go-to for young talents who go above and beyond to bring out new perspectives in cinema. We stand for what society needs and try our best to deliver it through a fine experience. We are convinced that the best is yet to come, as long as we are willing to make the right choices.

G Dilli Babu

Film Producer

Our Director

A prominent producer from the Tamil film industry, G Dilli Babu is the proud founder and Chairman of Axess Film Factory. Keeping in mind the one goal of bringing new and growing artists to the industry, who are passionate and dedicated about everything that revolves around cinema, he initiated the production house in 2014. He is well known for believing in the directorial ingenuity and creative aspects of cinema.