In 1200 A.D., The King Irumporai who ruled Pallava Empire, had a powerful & precious Emerald coin, that coin was the reason behind his victory. After his death, many kings tried to take that coin so that coin was buried secretly in somewhere near Kanjipuram along with that Irumporai king’s dead body.

In 1990, Eswara Sundaram and his team founded that coin. After few days they all died in road accidents. Thereafter the coin was owned by many, but all of them who had that coin were dead in road accident by a mysterious truck. Until now that mysterious truck was unknown. But the true fact behind all the accidents was the king Irumporai‘s soul. After many deaths government took over the coin and hided somewhere without the knowledge of public.

In 2015 Ramdoss, who deals small smuggling activities in Chennai. Senguttuvan(Hero) and his friend Ilango are working for him. Senguttuvan wants to become a Don and like to do big deals. Meanwhile Senguttuvan falls in love with a girl named Sanakya, but she refuses his love.


Mr. Sung from china approaches John Vijay (a smuggling agent) for that precious emerald coin and deals huge money. So John Vijay approaches almost all the best smugglers in Chennai to get that coin. But everyone rejects his offer because all of them know if anyone touches that coin, will die. Senguttuvan who didn’t know about that coin accepts John Vijay’s deal for his huge offer.


After knowing this deal Ramdoss and Ilango warns Senguttuvan about the risk and danger which could take his life. But he decides to take that coin without believing about the story behind the coin. Ilango refuse at first and then he agrees to work with Senguttuvan with one condition that they have to get the help of black magician from Palakkadu. Magician gives a special powered lemon, which they can get the help of some good souls through the lemon to take the coin.


Senguttuvan and Ilango preparing to call the soul of Chidambaram, in to the lemon who was the first one died in that accident by taking that Emerald Coin. At the same time Ramdoss passes away in his house. Accidently Chidambaram soul gets in to Ramdoss’s dead body in spite of lemon. Both Senguttuvan and Ilango shocked while seeing that Ramdoss alive in front of them which were buried earlier. Ramdoss (Chidambaram soul) explains that he came to help them to take the coin and he asks other three dead bodies for his dead friends to take the Emerald Coin together. Both runs to magician for help because Ramdoss dead body came alive. He explains that soul won’t leave them until the task given to that was achieved. So he guides to give another three bodies to Ramdoss, otherwise it will kill them both.


So both decides to find three bodies with the special power of Ramdoss that he can say the time of dying of alive persons. They finds three bodies, one is old beggar, next one is a Nesamani who’s head was cut off in an accident and the third one is Sanakya who is the ex lover of Senguttuvan.


Ramdoss calls his three friend’s soul and make them to get in to those dead bodies they got. In Sanakya’s body, replaces the soul of Mahendran who speaks bad words often. Senguttuvan get shocked after seeing his fair lover speaks in men voice. Senguttuvan and Ilango decide to take that coin with the help of those dead bodies.


Senguttuvan gang finds Pandurangan, the government officer who is the only person know about the place where that coin was placed. So they decide to pretend as Twinkle Ramanathan gang (who is the Big Don in Chennai) and gets the detail about the coin.


Senguttuvan gang finds the coin from the secret place but they came to know that it was a duplicate one. So they want to find out the original emerald coin.


Pandurangan complaints to police against Twinkle Ramanathan that his gang attacked him to got the details about that coin. Twinkle Ramanathan get anger after heard the false complaint registered against him. He found that Senguttuvan Team has cause trouble to him and came to know about the value of that Emerald Coin. Hereafter Twinkle Ramanathan decides to get that coin.


Senguttuvan team traces that Doctor Krishnan, who replaced the original coin with the duplicate one. They came to know that Dr. Krishnan was dead, so they kidnapped his son and finds out the secret place of the original coin from him.


Senguttuvan team reaches the secret place and takes that original coin through Ramdoss, but accidently both Senguttuvan and Ilango touches the coin. After this, King Irumporai’s soul chases to kill all of them with the mysterious old truck. Senguttuvan team came to know that they have chance to escape from King Irumporai by placing that coin in the grave of the King Irumporai in Kanjipuram.


Meanwhile in the chase, Senguttuvan gets the money from Sung and John Vijay; they both were killed by the truck.


While Senguttuvan team placing the coin in the grave, Twinkle Ramanathan and his gang comes there and tries to take that coin. Senguttuvan says that truck will kill them if anyone touches that coin. But Twinkle Ramanathan ignore that, at last Senguttuvan deal with him that he will keep that coin in the grave first and Twinkle Ramanathan can take it later. Twinkle Ramanathan agrees and Senguttuvan places the coin on the grave. Senguttuvan and Ilango got relief from the King Irumporai’s truck after placed the coin into the grave. After that Twinkle Ramanathan’s bodyguard takes that coin, the whole gang was getting punished by the truck.


In the end Ramdoss, Sanakya, old man and Nesamani bodies falls down after the soul of Chidamaparam and his friends leaving the dead bodies.


Film Name
Marakatha Naanayam
Fantasy Comedy
Release Date
16th June 2017
Produced by
Axess Film Factory
G. Dilli Babu

Writer & Director
ARK. Saravan
Aadhi, Nikki Galrani, Anantharaj, Munishkanth, Arun Raja Kamaraj, Dani Kotta, Senivasa Rao, Bramanantham, MS Baskar and others
Music by
Dhibu Ninan Thomas
PV Shankar
GK Prasanna

Ram Kumar
Panthom Fx
Sound & Mixing
Sync Cinema
Accel Media Venture